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How can I have a booking engine on my web site synchronized with my Family Hotel schedule ? Is it also possible to synchronize with my account ?


To use this service you must be a member to the club and subscribe to Family Resa (our web booking engine). You can choose to use Family Resa only for synchronization with or use it also to allow visitors of your website to make reservations without paying commission (2 levels of price;

view our price). 

Below, the document describing the procedure to request a connectivity between your account and Family Hotel.

If you want to synchronize your Family Hotel schedule with many OTA (not only, we recommend using the services of a channel manager connected with Family Hotel.



How can I automate backups of my Family Hotel database in Microsoft Access mode?


In Microsoft Access mode, all software data are saved in a single Mdb file whose path is displayed in the title of the main window of Family Hotel. 

Below is a procedure to automate the backup of this file using the Windows Task Scheduler. This procedure will to compress the file and keep a history of the backups in the last 60 days.


Can I access Family Hotel from my iOS or Android tablet or smartphone?

No, Family Hotel is an application only available on Windows PC.


How to modify the rate of VAT or tax and force recalculation on existing data?


A change in the setting of taxes does not affect the data already entered. To force a recalculation, please refer to the following procedure:

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