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CJSOFT.FR - CJSoft Computing is based in Bourg Saint Maurice and moves on all 2 Savoies to help setuping Family Hotel for your accomodation. If you have also a restaurant, CJSoft can also install a POS software compatible with Family Hotel.  Go to site >

ECODAIR.ORG - Ecodair is a company for the repackaging of portable and stationary computers with the particularity of employing people with mental disabilities or in integration. Its activity is also part of a sustainable development approach.

Indeed, by reconditioning fully depreciated computers, Ecodair allows the reuse of computer equipment previously intended for destruction. Extending the life of a computer makes it possible to push back in time the pollution that would cause its destruction

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MIGHTYPRODS.COM - Programmer analyst producing showcase sites, online sales sites, management intranets, tailor-made developments. Control of the entire project by direct skills or a network of competent partners, from the specifications to the delivery of the project: analysis, advice, domain, hosting, graphics / photo, input, translations, integration, referencing, training, community management ... Go to site>

SID-PRO.FR - Explore and integrate Family Hotel for your Hotel, Guests House or any other types of accomodation.This service also includes user training, the network deployment and implementation of remote access.  Go to site >

JR-COMMERCIQUE.FR - To purchase online your ticket printers, necessary to bill your customers visiting your bar/restaurant from the application of Family Hotel.   Go to site >

Logiciel Typing Assistant - Speed up your text entry automatically fills in frequently used words in this and all the software you use. (Family Hotel, Outlook, Word,...)  Go to site >

BENDERLYLOCK.COM - Lock system with magnetic cards compatible with Family Hotel.   Go to site >

ORBITATECH.COM - Lock system with magnetic cards compatible with Family Hotel.   Go to site >

OMNITECSYSTEMS.COM - Lock system with cards and mobile compatible with Family Hotel.   Go to site >

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