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Family Hotel is a freemium software, it is free and available for free download on this site.

To use beyond 60 days you must be registered. This recording is done from Family Hotel software.

Following this recording, we suggest you join a club of independent hoteliers as an annual membership and without obligation. This membership is not required to use Family Hotel in free mode. However only members of the club have the advantages that can make better use of their software.

Free Mode

  • One license per site (single computer use) without time limit

  • No support (using the supplied user documentation)

  • No Update: no possibility to migrate to a later version with data recovery seized with the previous version.

  • Limited access to the catalog of reports

  • No access to paid options

Club Family Hotel Mode
Membership €190 per year per site
  • User rights management and multple schedule views

  • Up to 6 licenses per site (multi-computers use)

  • Support for untreated issues in the user documentation with a 1st contact by email only, except in an emergency

  • Ability to migrate at any time to the latest version with data recovery seized with the previous version.

  • Full access to the catalog of reports

  • Access to paid options below

Club Family PMS Mode (1)
Membership 490 € HT per year and per site
  • The advantages of the Family Hotel club (see list above)
  • Operation on Cloud database hosted in France (multi-station use via the Internet)
  • Interface with compatible touch screen software
  • Tax return document
(1) Offer reserved for establishments located in France
Rate & conditions

Option « Cloud database » for Family Hotel

Provision of a cloud database for Family Hotel ( based on Microsoft SQL Server Azure)


Option « Family Resa »

Simple web booking engine “Family Resa” connected to Family Hotel PMS with auto-update of your availabilities and automatic recovery of reservations. Also connectable to your Booking.com & Expedia accounts.

Option « Connectivity with a compatible Channel Manager »

Connection of a compatible channel manager of your choice to Family Hotel PMS with auto-update of your availabilities and automatic recovery of reservations

200€ per year and per database

(for a database smaller than 1Go)


250€ per year and per site, regardless the number of booking, 

+100€ per year if connectivity with Booking.com

+100€ per year if connectivity with Expedia



150€ per year and per site,

(not included the fees of the compatible channel manager)

Family Hotel PMS licenses are "per computer". They are valid without time limit but only for a given motherboard and processor.  When changing one of these components in your computer, you will have to request a new license (for free).  The Family Club membership is not binding and automatically renewable each year.  It needs to be updated of your contributions from the activation date of your first license Family Hotel PMS (without interruption period). Being able to take advantage of multiple licenses per establishment is restricted to members of the Club Family to-date with their subscriptions.  For breach of the Family Club membership, you can keep only one active license.


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